The days of worrying about

IT Security

are over…

What is IT Security?

With so much at stake, approaching your IT security with a patch-&-pray mentality is like playing Russian roulette without knowing how many bullets are in the chambers. Disaster is a matter of when, not if.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

EAGLE6 is an Enterprise Lifecycle Engineering tool that protects your enterprise at each step of the developmental process, from concept to closedown, taking into account the human processes, systems dependencies and risk assessments that identify vulnerabilities long before they are released to the real world, where hackers can exploit them.

Getting early buy-in and participation from non-technical stakeholders is critical, and EAGLE6 is designed with a user-interface that makes the tool easy to use for anyone within the organization, regardless of technical sophistication.

EAGLE6 Enterprise Lifecycle Engineering operates on a three-phase model, managing your IT projects during three critical phases – Planning, Building and Protecting. Click each section below to see how EAGLE6 works.


Securing your enterprise starts with a strategic plan. EAGLE6 roots out vulnerabilities at the earliest stages of your planning.


A secure enterprise is built on a solid foundation. EAGLE6 provides the blueprint for a secure implementation.


Most cyber-attacks are aimed at known vulnerabilities. EAGLE6 eliminates vulnerabilities before they can be attacked.

Why worry about IT security?

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