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Automated Architecture
Visualize how systems collect and share data in real-time.
Partner with a proven expert in cyber model-driven visualizations for the modernization of legacy code and securing your network systems of systems.
Real-Time Automated Architecture Views
Enterprise Relationship Diagram (ERD)
Enhance productivity by drilling into network entities to instantly view connected and unconnected assets, architecture deficiencies and automated gap analysis.

Visualize and interact with independent systems actively working in enterprise networks and views impacts of change.
Understand the cost, time, and fragility of code migrations.
Identify security and cyber risks within code deprecations.
Eliminate technical and functional risks and reduce service failures.
Seamlessly modernize and sunset obsoleted systems.
Improved response time. Optimized network performance.
Expanded and patched legacy code is difficult to understand and update. This results in a lack of unit test coverage, integration struggles, and security weakness because of complex unknown dependencies. Designed to mitigate risk, EAGLE6 automated enterprise diagrams are designed to help Network Management Teams identify how systems collect and share data in source code discovery, plan and monitor code changes in production environments, and avoid unwanted impact as a result of code deprecation and migration.