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Automated Documentation
Merge your template reports with enterprise data to generate customized project reports.
Out-of-the-Box Reports
Cybersecurity Reports
Digitally transform cyber threat information, investigation, and remediation response in the blink of an eye.
Cybersecurity Threat Analysis Report (CTAR)
  • Customize reports based on security clearance level
  • Understand the target and assets impacted by the cyber event
  • Quickly identify Friendly, Hostile, and Neutral network entities
  • Eliminate human-error with build-in analytics and metrics
  • Make informed decisions based on a 360 degree view of cybersecurity posture
  • Manage risk and focus mitigation resources with warp speed
Anomaly Resolution Report
  • Identify security weaknesses with Anomaly by type classifications
  • Audit historical anomaly names and descriptions, and discover the individuals who resolved them
  • Generate accurate and ample information concerning cyber incidents as they occur
Remediation Status Report
  • View cyber threat remediation velocity and trends
  • Effortlessly Catalog suggested remediations and associated anomalies
  • Examine remediation burndown efforts and better allocate resources
Legacy Code Modernization
Essential documentation for the modernization of enterprise legacy applications made easy.
Source Code Scanning Report
Identify vulnerabilities within legacy code and reduce service failures, instantly. Discover critical code and occurrences.
Comparison Report
Customized reporting to identify legacy code mismatches and content discrepancies between different versions of code.
Removal Impact Report
The Removal Impact Report offers a checklist of enterprise connections and communications ensuring no code is left unchecked.