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Cyber Hunt
Cyber threats can strike at any moment.
Track down bad actors lurking on your network and stop attacks fast.
EAGLE6 Machine Learning
Investigate malicious events, identify threats, and prevent future attacks with leading-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence.
The power of EAGLE6 Intuition
Incident Response
Link expected and unexpected cyber-attack behaviors with the MITRE ATT&CK® framework using automated attack chain solutions empowered by machine learning.
MITRE ATT&CK® Attack Kill Chains
Share common understanding with Automated MITRE ATT&CK® attack chains - Early detection and remediations mean the difference between life and death in protecting an enterprise from data breaches. A.I. analytics and automated MITRE ATT&CK® attack chains work in parallel supporting hypothesis driven investigations by mapping dynamic intrusion behavior analytics with risk mitigation course of actions.
EAGLE6 Notes
Cyber threats use a variety of TTPs while evading detection to carry out nefarious acts.
With work tracking Notes red team, purple team, and blue teams can collaborate about attackers behavior activities and goals mitigating risk in real-time, increasing productivity and keeping up with shifting trends.
Communicate effectively with EAGLE6 Notes.
Campaign Watch
Protecting personal, sensitive, and classified data from malicious attacks is enormous and constant. Campaign watch is the metrics for measuring cyber hunt success. Security teams share comprehensive, up-to-date visibility to cyber threat hunting, campaign developments, and automated documentation for remediations and threat eliminations.
Forensic Analysis
Analyze complex and sophisticated attacks to help security teams be proactive and stay prepared for the next threat.
Network Sequence
Advanced science for viewing details about threat vector targets, amount of data transferred, and suggested remediation actions built for identifying behavior trends in your environment.
Impact Analytics
Enterprise-wide visibility to what systems, data, and supply deliveries are potentially at risk of failure for each cyber threat enabling security teams change system configurations, deploy security patches, and update firewalls.
Signature Workbench
Users of the EAGLE6 SIGNATURE WORKBENCH can search deep into malicious files, view types of payload behavior for predictive analysis, and share custom signatures.
MITRE Details
Viewing anomaly mapped MITRE ATT&CK® techniques yield a roadmap for incident response teams of defense control strengths and weaknesses and early detection alerts for mitigating threats.