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Source Code Analysis
As-Is and To-Be views that identify the impact to dependent systems when changing source code.
EAGLE6 demonstrates mastery over source code analysis by providing error-free automated cyber and source code analysis so there's no risk of failure modernizing code. EAGLE6 ingests various legacy source code projects, including COBOL, Java, MUMPS and Delphi.
Prevent Service Failures
Examine impact of change to existing source code models to preempt potential issues on release to critical functions.
Find Crucial Code Fast
Understand how complex procedures, variables, and data structures are used in big code and identify where important code locations are.
Achieve Cyber Situational Awareness
With A.I and machine learning, EAGLE6 alerts on software and libraries with known and unknown cyber vulnerabilities in enterprise production environments.
Effortlessly Measure Progress
EAGLE6 automated dashboards and reports enable stakeholders and IT operation teams to breakdown and monitor code changes, review historical analysis, and track change management KPIs when modernizing legacy code.
Source Code Analysis Toolkit
The most effective way to modernize legacy systems.
The external connections diagram automates source code trace generation instantly revealing what endpoints are being accessed, interfaces where data executes, and all points where two systems communicate. Analysts easily discover source code vulnerabilities and identify risk-to-reward ratios before making updates.
Trace Source Code From Login To Logout
Gone are the days of hesitating to remove a menu item because of being unaware of what it will affect. Discover required files that enable modules to run and trace pathways where data passes from system to system.
Make Informed Decisions
Analyze external connections and identify how two applications share data to better gauge impact of change.
Understand How Applications Communicate
EAGLE6 saves time and solves project dependency complexity by automatically generating and analyzing how systems communicate. Identify procedure calls, conditional branches, and reused and dead functions with no human intervention.
Identify Cyber-Attacks Before They Happen
Cybercriminals continue using new and highly sophisticated methods to impact organization. Using machine learning EAGLE6 scans multiple end points to automatically identify backdoor pathway communications and security threat predictions in real-time.
Source Code Drill-In Metrics
With source code analysis, EAGLE6 models enterprise dependencies and connections from the highest level network and system to the lowest line of code detailing complexity, security, and impact risk so there's no chance of error.